About Me

My love for photography started from childhood before the digital revolution became mainstream. The process of taking photos and developing them inspired me to convert my parents’ shed into a darkroom when I was seventeen. I still remember the smell of the developing chemicals and the anticipation of the image appearing on the photographic paper like magic!

Growing up around a large extended family whose passions included the arts, music and photography, inspired me to explore a diverse range of artforms especially fine arts and conceptual art. I even had a go at DJ’ing, although not very well!

I started working in commercial photography in the early noughties; shooting portraits, live music and other formal events for various clients such as Expedia Group London, The O2 in London and Asiana Magazine. I have been lucky enough to have photographed events at the Houses of Parliament, St. James’s Palace and other beautiful venues across the country.

My art and photography work has since developed into documentary and conceptual styles, addressing themes of nature, mental health, sexuality, culture and spirituality, among other topics.

Some of these projects have been exhibited at various galleries and venues across the U.K, in particular my photographic work on encouraging and normalising conversations about mental health within Black, Asian and Minority communities with the charity Centric Projects and the Equality Council UK. My work in this subject continues to expand to other communities too.

Thank you for viewing my site. I hope you enjoy my art and photography. Please feel free to email me or call if you have any questions about my work or wish to hire me for commissions.

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