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'Goddess Parvati' Art Print


I've depicted Goddess Parvati as a real woman; older and wiser than how we often see her represented in traditional Hindu art. Each one of her wrinkles tells a story of a lived experience and memories of joy and pain. The visual marks of lessons learned and wisdom about life that often comes with age.


6" x 4" - £20

7" x 5" - £25

12" x 8" - £48 (approx. size A4)

16" x 12" - £70 (approx. size A3)


Canvas Print Sizes (recommended for textured effect):

20cm x 30cm (7.8x11.8") - £75

40cm x 50cm (15.7x19.7")- £100


Prices include postage & packaging to the UK only. Please inquire about international postage.

Slight cropping may occur on some sizes due to the dimensions of the image.

*Other items in the images are merely for display purposes.

'Parvati' Art

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