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'Life Drawing 4' Sketch Print


I love life drawing as it's so versatile. By sketching the human body, you learn so much about form, light/shade & acceptance of the many different facets of the human body. Please inquire about some of the other sketches I've done if you're interested in the human form or if you want help choosing the best image for your space. 


6" x 4" - £20

7" x 5" - £25

12" x 8" - £48 (approx. size A4)

16" x 12" - £70 (approx. size A3)


Canvas Print Sizes (recommended for textured effect):

20cm x 30cm (7.8x11.8") - £75

40cm x 50cm (15.7x19.7")- £100


Prices include postage & packaging to the UK only. Please inquire about international postage.

Slight cropping may occur on some sizes due to the dimensions of the image.

*Other items in the images are merely for display purposes.

'Life Drawing 4'

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