02 Abstract Flowers Red



The original painting of ‘Abstract Flowers Red’ was created using acrylic paints on canvas. It has been digitally edited in hues of different colours so please inquire if you’re looking to purchase this image in another set of colours.

Original was painted with acrylics on canvas.

Available as prints on photographic paper or on canvas.

Photographic Print Sizes:
6″ x 4″ – £15
7″ x 5″ – £20
12″ x 8″ – £42 (approx. size A4)

Canvas Print Sizes (recommended for painting like effect):
20cm x 30cm (7.8×11.8″) – £70
40cm x 50cm (15.7×19.7″)- £100

*Slight cropping may occur on some print sizes. No major features will be cropped.

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