02 Lord Shiva in Contemplation



‘Shiva in Contemplation’ is a depiction of the Hindu god Shiva, who is often referred to as ‘The Destroyer’, sitting in anguished contemplation. I was inspired by biblical renaissance art and wanted to show Lord Shiva in a similar iconic light.

This painting shows Shiva reflecting on the current pain and sufferings of the world without his trusted trident by his side to destroy evil and injustices. This symbolises that his battles are internal rather than external which is not something we often associate with gods. Showing that even gods can have internal struggles and turmoil during tough times.

Original was painted with acrylics on canvas.

Available as prints on photographic paper or on canvas.

Photographic Print Sizes:
6″ x 4″ – £15
7″ x 5″ – £20
12″ x 8″ – £42 (approx. size A4)

Canvas Print Sizes (recommended for painting like effect):
20cm x 30cm (7.8×11.8″) – £70
40cm x 50cm (15.7×19.7″)- £100

*Slight cropping may occur on some print sizes. No major features will be cropped.

Standard Postage and Packing included for all UK destinations. For international orders, please inquire via email.

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