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Welcome to my blog!

Photography, Arts, Travels & Nature...

Hi my name is Mala, I'm a photographer & artist. Welcome to my blog. Here you'll find more context & details behind some of my creative processes & photography.

My travels, portraits, nature & lifestyle 'inside stories'. I'll be writing about my journey to get the shots, deeper meanings behind the visuals & some technical 'how to tips' too. I've got some juicy stories to share over my 15+ years of photographing, including the time I got manhandled by a celebrity's bouncer (don't worry I'm fine)! But for now welcome & browse below as you wish.

Travel Locations...

I'll be sharing pics of some of the best places I've discovered in:

South America: Panama, Columbia, Guatemala.

Europe: Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, UK.

North America (USA): Illinois, California, Missouri, Tennessee, Mexico, Nevada, Georgia, Florida + (Canada)

Africa: Kenya, Tanzania.

South Africa: Garden Route,Cape Town, Durban.

Asia: India & Thailand.

Photo of a melting sunset somewhere in the Caribbean Sea, 2022. Taken with a zoom of 400mm.

One last thing, feel free to email me ( if you want to collaborate or want me to write about something in particular. Happy to engage in the name of creativity (bare in mind, I don't photograph for free. Sorry I had to put that in there as I get asked this way too often)


Bye for now!

Mala xx

*All images copyright of Mala Vadgama @mkvphotography


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